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Belimurah’s Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is

Belimurah is an online ringgit store selling various kinds of accessories ranging from fashion, household, to kids & gadgets. We set our goals to make shopping experience fun & exciting without hurting your wallet.

2) Why is minimum purchase RM10?

Our commitment is to help you save as much as possible, as well as to fully utilize the courier services space for each and every delivery.  We offers free delivery for purchase above RM35.

3) What are points?

We offer points to our customers as an appreciation token for supporting us, these points can be used as discount for future purchase or as voucher to redeem special rewards.

4) What is special rewards? 

Special rewards are unique limited addition products that will be promoted from time to time, which can be fully redeem using belimurah points. 

5) Can the points be withdraw as cash?

Belimurah points can only be used for discount or rewards redemption, in within belimurah business websites, and shall not hold any currency or monetary value outside of belimurah’s region.

6) Are there warranty or refund for damage goods or error products delivery?

Goods sold are non-refundable, non-returnable and non-exchangeable. We strongly emphasize customers to check their orders before making payments. For damaged goods or error delivery in any way, please contact us as soon as possible with proof so that we may resolve your issue immediately. More details can be found at terms and condition page.

7) How long does the shipment takes?

Shipment shall usually takes maximum 3 days in within Klang valley areas, and 5 days in peninsular Malaysia region. Delivery may takes up to 7 days to reach West Malaysia region. 

8) How much do i need to pay for delivery charges below RM35 purchase?

We will charged a standard fee of RM7 for purchase above RM10 & below RM35. Therefore, it is advisable to purchase above RM35 before checkout to enjoy our free delivery offer.

9) Do delivery products out of Malaysia?

Our current business focus is in Malaysia at the moment, please contact us if you are purchasing from a different country as delivery charges may differ.

10) May i re-sell my used products back to

We do not take in used products or second hand re-seller merchants. Every products are direct from manufacturers and wholesalers, with no particular imperfections that jeopardizes the main function of the products.

11) Do you accept cash or cheque delivery payment?

We shall encourage customers to make payment though our ipay88 payment gateway. These payment method shall ensure that each transaction is fully secured with insurance protection for both parties.