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3in1 Gold Bio Collagen Facial Mask – Whitening + Anti-Ageing + Moisturizing


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 Triple the benefits facial mask in one application !!
 Revitalize + moisturize fatigue and dehydrated skin
 Consist of Bio-Collagen Anti Ageing properties to regenerate dying skin cells
 Bio-active ingredients & Gold content for Skin Whitening

An award wining innovative research using Asian Gold bio-technology combines three different benefits into one ultimate facial mask, Moisturizing + Anti-Ageing + Whitening formulation. Pure gold element properties decelerate skin collagen and elastin exhaustion. Furthermore, this mask enhance cells regrowth at basal layer to fight damaging free radicals while hydrates & stabilizes skin immunity; powered up with bio-active ingredients to slim, sculpt, even out & whitening skin tone effectively. Such treatments are commonly used by international premium luxurious spa, now available in DIY package for home usage. Limited Stock Available for such promotional price!!

Recommended for: All skin types especially dehydrated fatigue skin. Prefect base enhancement prior to face make-up.

Directions of Use:
1) Thoroughly Cleanse and dry face.
2) Open foil package carefully without spilling the moisturizing content, apply to face accordingly.
3) Gently press the mask to fit the facial shape, ensure evenly contact.
4) Apply excess bio-collagen liquid over mask to increase moisturizing effect.
5) Relax your jaws and facial movements, wear it for 20-30 minutes for maximum efficiency.
6) Remove facial mask gently, continue with other facial regime.

Caution of use:
1) For External Use only.
2) Not suitable for sunburn or injured skin.
3) Hyper sensitive skin user shall have to consult doctors advice before use.
4) Stop the application immediately if there are any kinds of irritation occurs.
5) Keep out of children reach, none edible.
6) Store in a cool place, away from direct sunlight.

Production License:
Sanitary license: GD FDA (2015)
WZZZ No.29-XK4194
Executive Standard: QB/T 2872
Net: 60g
24 months Warranty

Additional information

Weight 0.07 kg
Dimensions 260 x 210 x 5 mm


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